Metal Matsuri


Across two days, London is being treated to the very finest of Japanese heavy metal. Organised by Orion UK, Metal Matsuri is happening on the 4th-5th October at the 02 Academy Islington. The poster above has the line-up, and below we will update with links to features on the artists so you can find out more about them. Beyond this line-up, Ladybeard will be hosting the event over the two day weekend. All that’s left to say is doors each day open at 3:30pm, with the first act at 4:30pm, and goes on until 10pm.

UPDATE: VIP is sold out

If that isn’t enough for you, there is also a VIP pre-party on the 3rd October from 7pm to 11pm at the Underbelly Hoxton Square. It’s your chance to hang out with the artists, and Ladybeard will be doing a special DJ set. Beyond this, VIP also gives you: an exclusive T-shirt, poster, patch, laminate, access to artist autograph sessions, early access to artist and additional Metal Matsuri merchandise, plus VIP ticket holders will be the first in each day of the event! If this interests you, please note VIP has to be bought additionally on top of a day or weekend ticket.

All the tickets are available from eventbite here or ticketmaster here.

Day 1 – 4th October

Mary’s Blood (Headliner)


Rie a.k.a. Suzaku



Day 2 – 5th October

Unlucky Morpheus (Headliner)


Fate Gear feat. Ibuki

Blood Stain Child




  1. […] Mary’s Blood formed in 2009 by 4 former members of the band Destrose. Ten years later, the current line-up consists of; Eye (Vocal), Saki (Guitar), Rio (Bass), and Mari (Drums). Currently signed to Tokuma Japan Communications, the band have released 4 albums and 3 EP’s, with a 5th album set to release in June. For us in the UK, they are also signed to JPU Records who have distributed two of their releases over here. If that wasn’t enough, they are headlining the first date of Metal Matsuri! […]


  2. […] Forming in 2008, Unlucky Morpheus is a musical project that primarily covers themes songs of Touhou Project games, but do also create their own tracks as well. The band consists of: 紫煉 (Shiren), [Guitar], 天外冬黄 (Tenge Fuyuki)[Vocals], 仁耶 (Jinya) [Guitar], 小川洋行 (Ogawa Hiroyuki) [Bass], FUMIYA [Drums], Jill [Violin], and 歌澄 (Kasumi) [Vocals]. Their music is a mixture of self-release and by label Canned Music, and at the time of writing the band have released 15 full length albums, 7 EPs, and 1 live album. If you like what you read and hear, the band will also be headlining the second night of Metal Matsuri! […]


  3. […] Bridear was formed between late 2011 and early 2012 when vocalist Kimi, guitarist Mitsuru, and bassist Haru invited support drummer Kai to join full time.  Last to join was Misa, bringing a second guitar to the band.  They played their first show in April 2012 and have been delighting fans all over Japan ever since, maintaining a fast-paced tour schedule with few breaks. In October 2017, guitarist Misa announced she was leaving Bridear, citing creative differences.  Her last show will be October 28 and she was replaced by Misaki. This was followed by guitarist Misuru leaving the band  in January 2019 due to creative differences, who was replaced by Ayumi. Bridear is responsible for 2 EPs, Overturn the Doom (2013) and RISE (2017), one full length album, BARYTE (2016), and one mini-album Helix (2018). They have toured Europe three times and are likely to be invited back as their western fan base continues to grow. With a few European tours under their belt, they return for Metal Matsuri! […]


  4. […] Originating from Tokyo itself, Mardelas formed in 2014 where they soon made their major label debut on King Records. From left to right, the members consist of: Hisayuki Motoishi (本石久幸) [Bass], Marina Hebiishi (蛇石マリナ) [Vocals], Kikyo Oikawa (及川樹京), and Hideaki “HOT” Yumida (弓田”HOT”秀明) [Drums]. At the time of writing the band has released 4 albums, and 4 single EPs. In 2017 the band toured Europe, and they return later this year to grace us with their presence at Metal Matsuri! […]


  5. […] Formed back in 2012 while the members were in high school, Lipstick are well-known in the underground Japanese live circuit. Currently the band only has two permanent members who areさかえ (Sakae) on bass and Sally on guitar. The vocals and drums are filled in by guest musicians at live shows. Working as an independent outfit, the band has released 3 albums, 1 live album and 8 singles at the time of writing, mainly selling their music at live shows. Us UK folk are lucky they will be making their international debut at Metal Matsuri! […]


  6. […] Forming all the way back in 1999 (originally as VISIONQUEST), Blood Stain Child originate from Osaka. Since then there has been a lot of line-up changes and currently the band consists of: Sadew (Vocal), Ryu (Lead Guitar), G.S.R (Guitar), Yakky (Bass), and YASU (Drums). Currently signed to FABTONE records in Japan, the band have released 5 albums, 3 EPS, and a best of album. They will also be releasing their 6th album in July. Where the band have played in the UK and across the world before, they will also be playing at the upcoming Metal Matsuri! […]


  7. […] Becoming a solo artist in 2010, Rie a.k.a Suzaku is a guitarist originally from Kanagawa Prefecture. A musician from an early age, she was in the band ‘ 鸞(らん)’ in 2008, although it was only for a year and a half. Fast forward to the present, she is signed to Poppin Records (subsidy of King Records) and has released 3 albums and 5 mini-albums (including the mini-album by RIVINI). Known for her incredible live shows, which have predominately been in Tokyo, she will be treating us to a set at Metal Matsuri! […]


  8. […] AYA1000RR (also known as Ayasen) is a singer-songwriter, actress and biker from Osaka. The biker part is more important than you think, as she regularly vlogs about it on her Youtube channel. Not only that, her artist name is a combination of Ayasen and the 1000RR is from the Honda CBR1000RR motorbike model. You also may have noticed from the picture, but she also has a special motorbike guitar. Releasing her first mini-album back in 2013, Ayasen continues to independently release her music and at the time of writing has released 1 mini album, 1 album, 1 acoustic album, and 3 singles. Not only that, us lucky brits will see AYA1000RR making her international debut at Metal Matsuri. […]


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