Why Japanese Music?

So you may be wondering, what is so special about Japanese music? Isn’t it just like music elsewhere? That maybe true to a degree, however I find it is more inspired by than copying. Where the music industry in the west is going through hard times, the music industry in Japan is booming.

Before I was into Japanese music, I was into the Western alternative scene. In particular pop punk and metalcore genres. Outside of these genres, I didn’t really find much interest in music. Maybe the odd soundtrack piece but that would be it. It wasn’t a case of I avoided it, I just didn’t like it. Fast forward a few years and I was starting to get bored with music, every release just seemed to be like another… Or the progression was too safe and just like their previous releases.

Around this time I was getting more interested in Japanese culture, and I ended up watching J-Melo. This was like a breath of fresh air for my music library. Sure before this, there were some Japanese artists I was aware of and liked but I never thought to really explore further than that. However, the show really opened up my eyes to the way in which Japanese artists operate. I found it interesting that a show about J-Pop really featured a range of different genres. Further to this, artists really put their own spin on genres. Combining different genres that no one would attempt in the West and making it work. It was weird, I became interested in genres I did not like before and it was the different music I needed.

A prime example of this is SILENT SIREN, the first Japanese band I properly gotten into. From my taste, I was usually into more harsher sounds which on paper would mean I wouldn’t really like them. However, they combine the harsh sounds of punk with the clean and cheery J-Pop. If anything, they created the truest pop punk out there! Fast forward to now, I still am continued to be amazed by different bands who continue to push these boundaries. Now I find myself listening to all genres, even electronic which is something I would have laughed at if you told me 10 years ago.

As already mentioned, it feels artists in Japan have more freedom in the West in terms of sound. Sure the idol culture may seem manufactured but there are all kind of idol groups these days, expanding that genre as well. Sure some of these new sound is just the Eastern spin, but other times it is melding different Western sounds into one! I think where artists do it in the West, it is either not as well put together or it is genres not too different. The contrast some artists put in are so mind blowing that it is just inspiring to listen to, making the artist unique in the whole world. It is no wonder live performances and music sales are increasing unlike the rest of the world.

Thus why I created this blog to spread the word about these amazing artists. I hope that bringing awareness to Japanese artists will encourage them to play more shows in the west so we can see them for ourselves first hand!