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Forming in 2008, Unlucky Morpheus is a musical project that primarily covers themes songs of Touhou Project games, but do also create their own tracks as well. The band consists of: 紫煉 (Shiren), [Guitar], 天外冬黄 (Tenge Fuyuki)[Vocals], 仁耶 (Jinya) [Guitar], 小川洋行 (Ogawa Hiroyuki) [Bass], FUMIYA [Drums], Jill [Violin], and 歌澄 (Kasumi) [Vocals]. Their music is a mixture of self-release and by label Canned Music, and at the time of writing the band have released 15 full length albums, 7 EPs, and 1 live album. If you like what you read and hear, the band will also be headlining the second night of Metal Matsuri!


Unlucky Morpheus deliver a unique power metal sound, which is only enhanced by how they do not stick to a standard formula. On the standard power metal side of things, you can expect heavy and fast rhythm, crazy guitar solos, and a strong chorus. However, having a violinist in the fray allows them to constantly deliver the orchestral-feel to make the songs feel that much more grander. This is further enhanced by the use of electronic programming on some tracks, branching some tracks the other way into more electronic metal. Indeed, it creates that epic feel that is associated with video game tracks, particularly the theme songs. What I also like is they capture that feel of tension, creating a feeling of hype as it builds up to the chorus. When it does kick in, it just gives it that much more of a punch. The vocals are also a mix between female and male vocals, having that firm melodic metal style (which are mostly driven by female vocals), but on some tracks there is also screaming vocals. The variation of the vocals is used well to really tailor the sound of each track to their individual sound, placing them whether they wish in the power metal spectrum.

However, that is not all, because some tracks (particularly their latest album), have a more acoustic slant. Here the violin is placed at the forefront, with acoustic guitars, sometimes replacing the drums with a Cajon, and the other instruments offering a supporting rhythm. The vocals also move to a more pure, soft and melodic style, floating and guiding the track bringing all the elements together. Indeed, this shows not only the sheer range in sound, but each individual element to the songs which allows them to create such a varied discography. Managing to master these two distinct styles is no mean feat, and just proves how incredible Unlucky Morpheus are.

My Top 5 Hits

  1. Black Pentagram
  2. Kizasi
  3. Spartan Army
  4. Requiem
  5. Knight of the Sword


Most of their music is avaliable digitally here in the UK, the rest and physical copies have to be imported. Hopefully there will be some physical copies avaliable at Metal Matsuri!




  1. […] the range of songs they can perform will make one great setlist. Not only that, maybe Jill from UNLUCKY MORPHEUS will reprise her violin parts from some of the tracks on 7 Years Ago album. Either way, Fate Gear […]


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