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FATE GEAR are a steampunk inspired power metal band from Tokyo. Forming in 2015, by Mina隊長 (Guitar) and Nico (Vocals). The rest of the band consists of: Haruka (Drums), Erika (Bass), and Yuri (Keyboards). Acting as an independent outfit, they have their own label called Steam Steel Records, through which they have released 3 albums and an EP. In the past they completed a European tour, and us Brits were fortunate enough to be graced by their presence at Metal Matsuri, where they were joined by Ibuki (formerly of Disqualia) on vocals! Not only that they will be touring European again in February 2020 (tour poster at the bottom of this post).


Fate Gear deliver a constant satisfying power metal sound. Moving from strong yet steady, to fast and energetic, it is everything you’d want from a power metal band. Rhythms from the guitars and drums pack an almighty punch, with the guitars having some incredible shredding during the bridges. The vocals having that power yet melodic style that compliments the instrumental. The keyboards make the band fall more into the orchestral metal side of things, giving it a more grander feel and gives the instrumental a bit of extra feel to create a real presence. All coming together to give such a kick-ass sound, no matter what style of power metal the track goes for, it’s truly special.

No only that, what is also great about Fate Gear is they feature so many guest vocalists and performers across their discography and live performances. A testament of this is their latest EP features 5 covers of Destrose songs and has a few guest vocalists on that release alone. It’s great because the core band keeps the sound consistent, where as all the guest performers can put a different spin on each track to enhance and mix up the sound. With Ibuki appearing at Metal Matsuri, the range of songs they can perform will make one great setlist. Not only that, maybe Jill from UNLUCKY MORPHEUS will reprise her violin parts from some of the tracks on 7 Years Ago album. Either way, Fate Gear are sure to have a very special set.

My Top 5 Hits

  1. Headless Goddess
  2. Lunatic-Faced
  3. 7 Years Ago
  4. Megabullets
  5. Heart’s Grave


Their last 3 albums are avaliable digitally in the UK, physicals will have to be imported.

2020 Tour Poster

FG Tour


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