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Becoming a solo artist in 2010, Rie a.k.a Suzaku is a guitarist originally from Kanagawa Prefecture. A musician from an early age, she was in the band ‘ 鸞(らん)’ in 2008, although it was only for a year and a half. Fast forward to the present, she is signed to Poppin Records (subsidy of King Records) and has released 3 albums and 5 mini-albums (including the mini-album by RIVINI). Known for her incredible live shows, which have predominately been in Tokyo, she will be treating us to a set at Metal Matsuri!


Rie a.k.a Suzaku’s sound can be separated into two categories, full band and instrumental. Let’s start with the full band sound which tends to be more from collaboration projects, giving you everything you expect from a metal band. Where there is clearly influence from the collaborator, there is consistency in the instrumentals side of the track. What I would say pushes Rie’s projects apart from other metal band is in how she writes the guitar parts. They showcase her vast amount of skill, but it isn’t in your face, more subtle and stylised. Particularly as her guitar tone isn’t overly distorted, it is refreshing and further allows her to really put her skills on display for your listening pleasure.

For me, Rie truly shines in her instrumental work. I went in expecting it to be purely metal style tracks but it is far more than that. Sure there are some metal style instrumentals in there, particularly with a melodic guitar line taking the place of a vocal, but there is also some acoustic style ones, more rock driven, etc. Again, it is more about the guitar playing skill, showing off a range of styles and just proves she is a true master of guitar.  The instrumentals are very creative, and the way the guitar really drives the melody doesn’t make it feel like anything is missing. Rie is incredibly talented and her diverse discography is proof of it.

My Top 5 Hits


  1. Seven Seas
  2. Time Paradox
  3. Free Me feat. Kota Aoki
  4. Endless Purification
  5. Grab the Sky feat. Dia


You can find her discography on iTunes, physical copies have to be imported although some might be around at Metal Matsuri.


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