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AYA1000RR (also known as Ayasen) is a singer-songwriter, actress and biker from Osaka. The biker part is more important than you think, as she regularly vlogs about it on her Youtube channel. Not only that, her artist name is a combination of Ayasen and the 1000RR is from the Honda CBR1000RR motorbike model. You also may have noticed from the picture, but she also has a special motorbike guitar. Releasing her first mini-album back in 2013, Ayasen continues to independently release her music and at the time of writing has released 1 mini album, 1 album, 1 acoustic album, and 3 singles. Not only that, us lucky brits will see AYA1000RR making her international debut at Metal Matsuri.


AYA1000RR’s sound has elements of metal, brought into a more J-Pop light. The instrumental in particular has the harsh energy, particularly in the riffting and solos of the guitars, but the tones aren’t so distorted to give a more pop rock feel. This combines with the vocals that have a more J-Pop structure, having a more melodic and upbeat feel, but similar to the instrumentals there are moments of power to not fully stray away from the metal sound. Still the choruses in particular have a very catchy drive, bringing a more refreshing spin on the metal sound.

As the project is independent, the recordings are a bit rough around the edges but don’t let it put you off as it as to the charm. It helps emphasise the metal elements within it, cementing the pop rock and metal fusion within the sound. Not only that, gives it a bit of a live feel, with a great bouncy energy to it. For sure we are in for a special performance at Metal Matsuri.

My Top 3 Hits


  1. Ride On
  2. BunBunBun
  3. Koinoejin


Her singles are avaliable digitally (listed under Ayasen), her albums and physical copies have to be imported although some are out of print. Hopefully some physical copies will be around at Metal Matsuri.


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