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KANA-BOON originate from Osaka, forming at their high-school’s light music club in 2008. Incredibly the current line-up all originate from these humble beginnings and they are 谷口鮪 (Taniguchi Maguro) [Vocals and Guitar], 古賀隼斗 (Hayato Koga) [Guitar] and 小泉貴裕 (Koizumi Takahiro) [Drums]. They made their major debut back in 2012, signing to Ki/oon Records (a subsidy of Sony Music Entertainment Japan) and are still part of the label to this day. Not only that, they have become well known for lending their songs to various anime including Naurto Shippuden, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, and most recently My Hero Academia. At the time of writing the band have released 4 albums, 2 b-side albums, 2 mini-albums and a recently released best of compilation. As of yet, they haven’t performed in the UK, hopefully when the world recovers they will perform on our shores someday.


If you are looking for something fun to listen to, KANA-BOON are just for you. Fast bouncy rhythms matched with punchy melodies to provide high intensity pop rock. Every song has a lot of complexity as they match guitar riffs to melodic shredding, making full use of having two guitarists and bringing the riff and melody together at key parts to have a strong impact at the right time creating some seriously catchy moments in their songs. Interestingly in their earlier songs, although sometimes in the newer tracks, the bass has a stronger role in the rhythm and more presence. Although that is most likely due to the band currently not having a bassist, so who knows if this style will return again. Still, they follow the usual progression of having harsher punk sound at the start of their career to more refined as time goes on. Despite this, the band keep the strong rhythmic impact which is largely in part to the guitars having the consistent writing that only seems to get stronger and more versatile as they release more songs.

This is rounded off with the vocals which have a J-Rock vibe, being melodic with some rough edges. However Taniguchi separates himself from most J-Rock vocalists by having a higher pitch that also works well to give the vocals a stronger presence not clashing against the instruments. It creates consistency in their discography and an overall sound into the pop rock category. Despite the complexity of each element, it comes together so well and makes KANA-BOON stand out from other pop rock artists who go for a more simpler catchy patterns. Definitely not a band to sleep on!

Top 5 Hits

  1. スターマーカー (Star Maker)

  2. バトンロード (Baton Road)

  3. Fighter
  4. Flyers
  5. クローン


Some of their discography is available digitally in the UK, unfortunately not all. Still the usual physical copies have to be imported.


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