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Formed back in 2012 while the members were in high school, Lipstick are well-known in the underground Japanese live circuit. Currently the band only has two permanent members who areさかえ (Sakae) on bass and Sally on guitar. The vocals and drums are filled in by guest musicians at live shows. Working as an independent outfit, the band has released 3 albums, 1 live album and 8 singles at the time of writing, mainly selling their music at live shows. Us UK folk are lucky they will be making their international debut at Metal Matsuri!


Mixing power metal with a more punk rough edge to it, in a way seems simple but that is deceptive. Lipstick are all about having that intense sound, giving it a more faster tempo than usual power metal. Let’s start with the drums that provide the stable beat for everything else to act upon. On their own, tend to be straight forward metal patterns but when combined with the bass creates a powerful rhythm. Indeed the bass, isn’t supported by the guitar for the rhythm, but it doesn’t feel like anything is missing. The guitar instead focuses on delivering crazy shredding and riffs, which fills the role of 2. Indeed, it surprises me there is only one guitar as it has such a full sound it doesn’t feel like anything is missing.

The vocals on the recorded tracks have a more punk twist to them. Sure, they fall in line with power metal vocals having the presence over the instrumental. Yet they move away from having that refined sound, to being rough around the edges and having more screams, distancing themselves from traditional power metal. Still, these may differ with the live vocalist they have on a particular night. Still, Lipstick are very much a live act and their garage sound recordings are proof of it. Having that full sound with only one guitar, they are sure to create a storm at Metal Matsuri.

My Top 5 Hits

  1. Heart Breaker
  2. Drop Down
  3. Are You Ready?
  4. Too Bad
  5. Holy Knight


Unfortunately Lipstick’s music has to be imported, hopefully there will be some available at Metal Matsuri.


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