After some heavy consideration, I’ve decided to take a break from Japan Jams for a little while. My day job has been particularly stressful these last few weeks and hasn’t left me much time to discover new artists to feature and get the articles done in time for Sunday afternoon. Where I’ve been quite happy with the quality of the articles, it has become very J-Rock sided (as it is what I like most so easier for me to listen to), when the blog should be more varied than one genre. This frustration only adds to the stress already built up in the week and it’s reaching a breaking point…

To be clear this isn’t the end, just a pause. There will be some updates when I can and to fit with UK tours and such. Also it is open to anyone who wants to do a guest feature which I’m more than happy to post. However for now, it’s become clear to me that I need to focus on my own wellbeing. There is some projects (with less time pressure) I want to focus on, which you’ll probably hear about in the new year…

Thank you to everyone’s support, in the meantime there are a whole range of back features for you to check out!


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