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Originating from Tokyo itself, Mardelas formed in 2014 where they soon made their major label debut on King Records. From left to right, the members consist of: Hisayuki Motoishi (本石久幸) [Bass], Marina Hebiishi (蛇石マリナ) [Vocals], Kikyo Oikawa (及川樹京), and Hideaki “HOT” Yumida (弓田”HOT”秀明) [Drums]. At the time of writing the band has released 4 albums, and 4 single EPs. In 2017 the band toured Europe, and they return later this year to grace us with their presence at Metal Matsuri!


The one thing that really strikes me about Madelas is they are all for a dramatic and strong intro. Some tracks it is drawn out, others it is just a quick build up, but it is something they consistently ensure they get right to build up the energy. It will kick into a fast and heavy power metal rhythm, which you are left hoping for. Indeed, these rhythms are the some of the strongest I have ever heard, carrying the energy of the tracks up and up and up. What is truly amazing about the band is the guitar, the riffs and shredding are incredible. Being the true driver of the pace of the track, bouncing between riffs and shredding to provide whatever the track needs. Still, the drums and bass have some real key moments, and always work to keep up the rhythm. The bass particularly has the odd solo, ensuring the rhythm is always intense, even when it isn’t being enforced by the guitar.

Following the typical power metal style, the vocals are melodic with power behind them. Marina also has some great vibrato skills, that just makes the longer held parts sound that much more awesome. Melding with the instrumental, it all comes together as a tightly package that rocks your socks off. On the odd slower ballad tracks they have, her vocals truly shine and manage to maintain the intense energy in a different way. Opening up the instrumental to play slower patterns and the guitar to shred in a more melodic way. If they perform live at least half as tightly packed as the recorded versions, they are going to rock the socks of the Metal Matsuri crowd!

My Top 5 Hits


  1. Apocalypse
  2. Scapegoat
  3. 神風

  4. Moonlight Mirage
  5. Daybreak


Unfortunately their music is not available over here, so their work needs to be imported. Hopefully some physical copies will be avaliable at Metal Matsuri.


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