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Updated 14th August 2019.


SpecialThanks formed by Misaki when she was still in school back in 2005, the band has seen quite a few lineup changes and now comprises of  Misaki (Vocals and Guitar), Toshiki (Guitar and Chorus), Kousuke (Bass and Chorus), and Yoshida (Drums and Chorus). In their 13 years the band has released 3 albums, 7 mini-albums, and 1 spilt EP. That is a lot of releases! Presently the band are signed to KOGA Records, an independent label but the band have seen a stable growth in their success. The band is yet to perform in this part of the world, again we hope this would change. Particularly as they would fit perfectly in any festival lineup!


SpecialThanks sound is textbook Pop Punk in its purest form. When I say this, I mean the older western bands from the late 90s like blink-182, Green Day, Sum 41, and so on. Songs are typically fast paced, the drums play hard and fast, guitar gains turned all the way up, catchy riffs with the odd guitar solo, topped off with strong vocals that have a catchy hook for the chorus. As someone whose music taste has their main roots in pop punk, SpecialThanks tick all the boxes for me. Particularly as female fronted pop punk in the west has never really kicked off, the band really fill a gap in the western music scene, if they can manage to increase their worldwide profile I can see this band getting to great heights.

What is further interesting, when the band started the songs were all in English. It was only until the second album they started to do songs in Japanese. This is from Misaki’s early impressions, as all the bands she was influenced by sung in English. Where I do feel the English songs have a more worldwide appeal, I do feel musically SpecialThanks provide much better tracks in Japanese. Could be a number of reasons, even the fact they have improved as musicians, however I feel the lyrics have more of a flow to them and the vocals themselves are more confident. Still, the early tracks are worthy of a listen as they are great in their own right, but the Japanese tracks are a real step up in the right direction!

My Top 5 Hits

  1. Dounaruno!? (What’s Going On!?)
  2. 午走-umahashiru- (Afternoon)

  3. Sunny Club
  4. Hey!You!
  5. You = Music I Love


Most of their discography is available digitally, physical copies have to be imported.


Website  – Twitter  –  Facebook


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