One Year Anniversary Awesome Mix

Today officially marks one year since Japan Jams was launched! In that time we have featured 53 artists and 2 list articles, this site is becoming a real bank for people wanting to find new Japanese artists to listen to. I had low expectations when starting this project, however over this year it has grown more than I expected and it makes me excited for it to grow even more. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the blog and help promote it, but most importantly all you loyal readers who read the articles every week! Over this next year I hope to add new features to the site, trying to do something unique and has not been done before. If you would like to join us and write a feature on an artist or an event, or would like us to do a write up on an artist, contact us.

To celebrate this landmark, I decided to put together a playlist of my 15 favourite singles from the artists I have featured this year. There is no rank order within this, just designed to be an awesome playlist. I’ve played the playlist link below, and the tracklist under that, with links to the artist profiles. Enjoy!

YUKIKA – Welcome To Japan

BATTEN SHOWJO TAI (ばってん少女隊) – おっしょい! [Osshoi!]

Ogawa Kota and Tomasong (小川コータ&とまそん) – ちょい待ち、大町 [A Little Wait, Omachi]

fhána – 青空のラプソディ [Rhapsody in Blue Sky]

岡崎体育(Okazaki Taiiku) – 家族構成 [Family Composition]

SILENT SIREN – Cherry Bomb

Yabai T-Shirt Yasan – ハッピーウェディング前ソング [Happy Wedding Song]

SpecialThanks – 午走-umahashiru- [Afternoon]


Hello Sleepwalkers – 新世界 [New World]

SPYAIR – 現状ディストラクション [Current Situation Distraction]

ROA – Ushism

MAN WITH A MISSION – Raise Your Flag


Crossfaith – Catastrophe


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