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Updated 14th August 2019.


The group formed in 2007,  they have undergone some lineup changes since their start but the current members are Dody(ドディ) [Guitar], Luz(ルース) [Keys], Ryohei(リョウヘイ)[Guitar]. Each member provides vocals, as Unlimited tone refers to the sound of their voices coming together. They are an independent artist, releasing 3 albums, 5 mini albums, and a 10 year anniversary compilation album. Notably they also supplied the theme song for the anime Tanaka-Kun Is Always Listless, and have provided themes for other media. As of yet the group are yet to perform outside of Japan, but we hope that will change in the near future.


As mentioned the main focus of this group is their vocals and how they all come together to form a strong harmony. What is interesting is I wouldn’t say each vocal is very distinctive from each other, particularly in terms of pitch. Yet despite this they still deliver a strong harmony, giving a seamless transition between their solo vocals. This particularly works as they generally sing with a more relaxed tone, the vocals are soft and float above the instrumental. They are indeed a very relaxing artist to listen to! There is more of a strength to the harmonies, which they tend to pull out for the chorus which makes it stand out, like any chorus should, to keep it stuck in your head. Overall it is still very smooth, and isn’t too abrupt to mess up the flow.

Instrumentally, the group are usually more acoustic. Focusing on the keyboard and guitars, possibly adding drums just to give it a bit more rhythm. Where the instrumental is generally just chords to provide a rhythm, it is everything it needs to be. It’s soft, yet upbeat, giving a nice lift to the vocals to complete the package. In some of their older songs, there was also a more RnB flare to the instrumental, with a slow electronic beat and arrangement similar to the style. Where it also works, I feel the more organic sound is better suited to the group, particularly with the soft vocals as the electronic drums cut through the vocals over supporting it.  The more acoustic sound helps gel the instruments and vocals, making the songs a more complete package that would please anyone’s ears. Definitely the kind of artist you want to kick back and relax to on a nice Sunday afternoon.

My Top 5 Hits


  1. うたたねサンシャイン (Utata Ne Sunshine)
  2. はじまりのうた (Starting Song)
  3. 地図 (Map)

  4. Try Try Try
  5. With Your Hands


Their 10th Anniversary compilation album, & Life album, and Change single are avaliable digitally. The rest of their discography has to be imported.


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