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Lucie,Too, taking their name from a Now, Now song, is formed of Chisa (Vocals and Guitar), かなこ (Kanako) [Bass],  and シバハラナホ (Naho Shibahara) [Drums]. Coming from the town of Utsunomiya, they trio have already seen huge success with their first major single getting an incredible views on Youtube. Currently signed to THISTIME Records, the band have released 1 mini-album, 1 demo EP, 5 singles, and some contributions to compilation albums. They have even created a theme song for the town of Nikko (near Utsunomiya) as part of a tourism campaign. Already the band are getting worldwide attention, performing in various countries across the world, so here’s to hoping the UK are next on the cards.


Lucie,Too’s sound has a peaceful simplicity to it, which makes it infectiously catchy. There is a smooth flow to the bouncy rhythm which sweeps you away from your daily life into the ultimate chill out mood. Ultimately this comes from the vocals that are soft and melodic, gliding above the instrumental to create the soft flow of the tracks. It’s delivered with the right amount of force to not be drowned out by the instrumental, and through the use of emotional tones to really emphasise the heart-felt lyrics of the songs. Creating an indie J-Pop feel, that works well too round off the instrumental.

So what is the instrumental like? It tends to be a steady pattern with embellished guitar and bass riffs to add a bit of flair. Indeed, they do range from a sombre sound to energetic but as already mentioned, when combined with the vocals the calming tone of the overall track is what dominates. It’s great they do have that range, as the issue with this kind of music is if there isn’t enough variation it gets all too samey and you just zone right out. However, Lucie,Too manage to pull it off perfectly, keeping your attention and at the same time allowing you to chill out, even when you are completely stressed out.

My Top 5 Hits

  1. Lucky
  2. 最後の日 (The Last Day)
  3. Egoist
  4. キミに恋 (Falling For You)

  5. May


Their discography is avaliable digitally in the UK, and from the other than the limited releases. Physical copies and the rest of their music has to be imported, which can be done from the THISTIME Records Online Shop.


Website  –  Twitter


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