Hump Back



Hump Back are a 3-piece rock band originating from Osaka. Starting out in a light music club in 2009, the only original member is 林萌々子 (Hayashi Momoko) [Vocals and Guitar]. Currently Hayashi is joined by ぴか (Pika) [Bass and Chorus], and 美咲 (Misaki) [Drums and Chorus]. Currently signed to 林音楽教室 (Hayashi Music School) which is a part of major label VAP, at the time of writing they have released 2 albums, 2 mini-albums, 7 singles, and contributed to 6 compilation albums. At this year saw their first major album drop, it’s clear they are becoming rising stars of the alternative scene. Hopefully they will expand that with some international shows sometime soon!


Remisicent of 3 piece pop punk bands of the 90s, Hump Back reinvigorate the sound with an emo twist. The vocals are the drive of every song, being a mix of melodic and harsh tones. Typically, they are more melodic in the verses and changing to punky shouting in the chorus to give it more of an impact. Regardless, they always have a strong flow which further help convey the emotional tone of the lyrics despite the language barrier.

This is supported by the instrumental, which is simplistic but effective. The guitar tends to be chord driven, more about delivering a single energetic strum and a catchy riff for the chorus. The single strums particularly boost the energy of the vocals when timed together and the riffing helps maintain the flow. Where at times there are notes played, it is rare but more melodic than showing a burst of skill which again maintains the flow of the song. This leaves the bass to drive the melodic rhythm and a lot of the time it gets a chance to shine. Where it underpins the guitar, it has a great presence and plays some awesome riffs where it gets the limelight. What brings the instrumental together is the drums. Playing a range of patterns to fit the dynamic of the song, it is what helps the instrumental come together to deliver the right emotional energy of that particular song.

Hump Back have such a great raw energy, if the recordings are anything to go by, they can put on one incredible show!

My Top 5 Hits

  1. 拝啓、少年よ

  2. 嫌になる

  3. 今日が終わってく

  4. Lilly
  5. 悲しみのそばに


Their major releases are available digitally in the UK, physical copies and the rest of their releases have to be imported.




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