Nerd Magnet (ナードマグネット)


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Formed in 2006, Nerd Magnet come from Osaka. Since then they did have a member change in 2011 to form the current line up of: 須田亮太 (Suda Ryōta) [Vocals and Guitar], 前川知子 (Maekawa Tomoko) [Bass and Chorus], 藤井亮輔 (Fujii Ryōsuke) [Guitar and Chorus], and 秀村拓哉 (Hidemura Takuya) [Drums]. In 2016, the band started to see more success with their album having a nationwide release, and currently continue to rise through the scene. Currently signed to independent label, THISTIME Records, the band has released an album, 4 mini-albums, and an EP. They also will be releasing their second album in June! Hopefully this success will see them venture out to the West where they get their inspiration from. 


Nerd Magnet are reminiscent of the early 2000s western Pop Punk and Alternative scene, with a clear influence from bands such as Weezer, New Found Glory, Motion City Soundtrack, etc. Being on the more emo side of the sound, each song telling a story or message, with this being the drive of the song. The lyrics are a mix of Japanese and English (where admittedly the English is more phrases or terms), which conveys the meaning to those who don’t understand Japanese. For a male vocalist, Suda sings with high pitched vocals, which added with the power he puts behind them, creates strong melodies and hooks, particularly in the chorus. His punk accent furthers this to help it stand strongly out from the instrumental and chorus/gang backing vocals, allowing you to really zone in to them.

The instrumental is a bit harder to describe, as it is quite varied and reflects whatever the song wants to convey. At the core, most of the time it is there to provide a strong bouncy rhythm to support the vocals. This isn’t in the sense of being a backing track but to really bring out the musical features of the vocals. Guitar chord riffs and drums to enforce the rhythm, bass to underpin the bounce in the rhythm, and guitar shredding to create a bridge to mix it up. Each chorus is particularly strong, the instruments really drive a rhythm at this point in the song, leaving the catchiness to the vocals, then hit you with a catchy riff straight after. It showcases the band’s true writing strength in how each song has such interesting rhythms, sounding unique yet kept together by the core elements. It is such a fun sound, despite not being particularly fast at times, and an easy listen despite the story or message drive of the tracks.

My Top 5 Hits


  1. バッド・レピュテイション (Bad Reputation)
  2. ぼくたちの失敗
  3. アップサイドダウン

  5. 海辺のルーシー


Most of their music is available digitally, physical copies have to be imported but can be directly from the label here (free international shipping with orders over 6,001 yen)!



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