To start Japan Jams, I have to begin with my current all time favourite band SILENT SIREN. They are not only the first Japanese artist I properly got into but when I first listened to one of their songs it reignited my passion for music. It also made me want to get into Japanese music further so in essence, without this band this blog would not exist!


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Updated – 1st August 2019


Silent Siren are a four piece all girl group who originate from all over Japan. They came together when Suu (すぅ) [Main Vocalist and Guitarist] and Hinanchu (ひなんちゅ) [Drums] talked about their love of music during their breaks on shoots. Hinanchu then brought Ainyan (あいにゃん) [Bass], and Yukarun (ゆかるん) [Keyboard], into the mix and thus SILENT SIREN (サイレントサイレン although it is stylised in English) was born. Now, don’t let the fact they are models put you off, their musicality is something not to be undermined and they have more than just the looks.

At the time of writing, Silent Siren have been together since 2010, releasing 6 albums and a greatest hits compilation in this time. Currently signed to major label EMI/Universal Music Japan, after being on Dreamusic since almost the start of their career with no signs of slowing down. Notably they did a collab single with Poppin’Party, a BanGDream! project. As of yet, they have not played a show in the UK but they have played a couple of shows in the US, so some hope they will play here someday!


Officially they come under the umbrella of J-pop, although I myself would put them more in the Pop Punk genre as they truly mix the two genres which is what I love about them. As my main taste is Western pop punk, dominated by male bands with an emo twinge where the pop side is mainly that it is catchy. SILENT SIREN are a more direct definition of it. Where the vocals and keyboard bring a more pop clean feel, the other instruments have the harder punk feel at the base with some rounding to bring it to the pop sound. This band even brought me round into starting to like keyboards and synthesizers, which I used to detest but there is some solid production behind this band to bring the sound of each instrument together.

Generally, more pop side pop punk is quite basic. Not SILENT SIREN. Their songs are anything but basic. Every instrument seems to have some complex pattern at some point, from guitar solos, to keyboard melodies. I’d even say some of the drum patterns would be at home on Western Pop Punk songs.  The one instrument that truly sticks out for me in this band is the bass. Yes, the one instrument that gets lost in the low frequencies and guitar is the one that stands out. In each track there is always complex patterns, with a great mixing job giving it a strong presence. It is not just the odd song where it is at the forefront playing a catchy riff which blows me away. I won’t deny Ainyan is my favourite bassist player, she even makes me want to learn bass! She is just too good.

My Top 5 Hits

  1. Cherry Bomb
  2. Fujiyama Disco
  4. 19. Summer Note
  5. Yoshida-san

Availability in UK

Their full discography is on iTunes, including the Greatest Hits album at reasonable prices. Physical copies are import only.


Website  –  Youtube  –  Twitter  –  Facebook



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