Half time Old


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Half time Old formed back in 2011 in Nagoya. The band is made up of, from left to right, 内田匡俊 (Uchida Masatoshi) [Bass], 阪西暢 (Sakanishi You) [Drums], 鬼頭大晴 (Kitou Masaharu) [Vocals and Guitar], and 小鹿雄一朗 (Ojika Yuuichirou) [Guitar]. The band made a name for themselves winning a few local music competitions to perform at festivals, and things are only getting better for the group. Currently signed to Kairos, they have released 4 mini-albums and 3 albums. Where they are a heavily touring band, at the time of writing they haven’t performed in the UK but hopefully they will sometime soon.


Half time Old deliver a smooth pop rock/punk sound which is just a pleasure to listen to. The vocals are generally quite light, having a more J-Pop tone to them compared to other J-Rock artists. It isn’t about having the energy behind them but providing those light catchy melodies that will get stuck in your head. That isn’t to say they are emotionless, far from it, as Kitou really manages to convey the emotional tones through nasally and sometimes husky sounds. By varying both of these, he really emphasises the emotional parts of the lyrics, particularly on the more mellow and stripped back tracks that focus on the vocals. For the most part as well, the energy of the vocals also comes through from a fast pace delivery, which again helps to convey the emotion but works well to match the instrumental explained below.

On the other hand, the instrumental tends to be a lot more energetic. More so in the guitars that drive the song with fast riffs and shredding, each track showcases a tremendous amount of guitar skill, even on the more mellow tracks with slower riffs the guitars still manage to provide a good drive for the song. The drums and bass supporting the rhythm with a steady beat, kicking it up a notch on the chorus or bridge. Really, I find it is the guitars that set set the mood for the track, working with the lyrics to deliver the emotional blow of the track. It’s this coming together that makes the band such a pleasure to listen to, no matter what mood you are in!

My Top 5 Hits

  1. アウトフォーカス
  2. 銃声と怒号
  3. 0
  4. アナザーロード
  5. ミニマリスト


Only 2 of their albums, 真夜中の失踪に聡明と音楽, and 人生の使い方, with the mini album, and ACE, are avaliable digitally in the UK. The rest of their music has to be imported.




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