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Brothers TarO&JirO have been performing music together since 2010 when they were living in the UK, learning English. Returning to Japan in 2011, they worked their way up the scene, performing at various festivals around the world and even got a major label record deal. Although in 2016 they decided to form a new band, called MunizO, instead with a drummer where they moved to Toronto, Canada. Fast forward to 2018, they moved back to Tokyo and the band disbanded and in January 2019 the brothers decided to start up TarO&JirO again. At the time of writing they have released 4 albums for this project, and are again looking to perform around the world. At the moment, they have a short French tour coming up at the end of the month which you can find out more about here.


The guitar duo use a range of techniques to push their sound from being an acoustic duet to having a range of rock sounds. The interesting way in which they manage this is by keeping one guitar with a normal playing style with complicated riffs and shredding, then the other being more rhythmic and even bass feel (even if it isn’t an actual bass guitar) to create the fuller sound. This is supported by an electronic drum track, of which the kick drum is also played live to have that supporting beat. From there, the guitars can have a range of sounds, sometimes being purely acoustic or electronic, and at times even having one electric and one acoustic. It creates such a diverse sound for the duo, that it makes it feel like a whole band as it has such a diverse range of sounds.

Not only are they a guitar playing duo, but also a singing duo too. It’s clear, they have taken influence from Western alternative bands as it tends to be a more J-Rock style but like the guitars they do go for a few different styles. Particularly using effects to have a Kurt Cobain kind of sound as well. Again it really helps to create a diverse sound from just 2 people, and feel like a full band.

It is through combining the vocals and guitars with the various effects that come together to create upbeat rock tracks to slower acoustic ballads. There are also some more alternative tracks and some electronic rock tracks. What keeps it consistent is a bouncy flow, that gives the songs such a strong rhythm that sweep you away. Essentially, there is something for everyone within their discography as there is so much range and talent to their music playing!

My Top 5 Hits

  1. Silent Siren
  2. Imperfections
  3. ペロレラ・レボリューション

  4. Unicorn
  5. Once In A While


The only music avaliable to purchase is their 4th album via bandcamp. Other releases or physical copies have to be imported.