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the peggies started back in 2011 who played live shows at university, and started releasing CDs in 2014. From left to right, the members are 石渡マキコ [Ishiwatari Makiko] (Bass), 北澤ゆうほ [Kitazawa Yūho] (Vocals and Guitar), and 大貫みく[Ōnuki Miku] (Drums). At the time of writing the band have released 3 EPs and 3 albums, currently signed to Epic Records (a subsidy of Sony Music Japan). Their music has also been used in the anime series Bourto: Naruto Next Generation, Sarazanmai, and Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai. Where they have built themselves up through live shows, they are yet to perform outside of Japan but we hope that changes sometime soon.


the peggies bring the fun and bouncy rhythms of 90s pop to the punk sound to create a different kind of pop punk. Some of you reading that may be like, how is it a different kind of pop punk? It sounds pretty standard to me. What is special is it feels more like the rhythms from rock n roll, a more dance rhythm than hard and fast. This gives it more of a fun drive than a harsh and fast one. It opens up for a more pop driven chorus, where they will cash in on delivering the catchiest riffs and melodies to make sure you don’t forget them. It reflects the vocals that have a mostly J-Pop feel to them, but can be harsh on the edges to build in onto that punk sound.

There is also a great mix to their sound, particularly as they drop synths in some of tracks to spice it up. There is no hard or fast rule behind it’s use which is interesting, it can appear on the more upbeat tracks to give a more pop like rhythm but also on the slower tracks just to build it up. It shows they clearly push themselves, not relying on any set way of creating their music, and show their high level of musicianship. I would worry about the synth parts live but they have such a dynamic range of tracks they are sure to put together an incredible set-list.

My Top 5 Hits

  1. Soda Bokurawa
  2. Love Trip
  3. MOTTO
  4. Love in the Tokyo
  5. Tokimeki Symphony


Their discography is avaliable digitally, physical copies have to be imported.




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