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SHISHAMO formed in 2010 within a light music club at their high school. When they graduated they decided to focus on the band full time, although the original bassist decided to leave when she became 20 years old. The current line up consists of 宮崎朝子 (Miyazaki Asako) [Guitar and Vocals], 松岡彩 (Matsuoka Aya) [Bass], and 吉川美冴貴 (Yoshikawa Misaki) [Drums]. Currently signed to Good Creators Records they have released 6 albums and 1 best of album. Yet to perform outside of Japan, we can hope that changes sometime soon.


There is a real interesting mix inside SHISHAMO’s sound which allows them to keep it fresh six albums later by effectively delivering every flavour of rock out there. From upbeat energetic rock, with fast bouncy rhythms and a guitar effortlessly switching from riffs to shredding, to more mellow alternative tracks that have a slower and more melodic drive. It’s clear they are not only open to experimentation, but very talented musicians. The drums particularly manage to maintain a strong rhythm no matter what the style, alongside the bass that handles it solo when the guitar shreds or plays a melody. On some tracks, particularly the more mellow, they also use synths and other instruments to build up the sound and create a more whimsical feel. It really stretches the range of their sound and fill in the space left by the simpler rhythms and melodies.

With all these styles, what keeps it consistent? The lyric and vocal focus. The vocals particularly have a more J-Pop style in being soft and melodic, and the instrumental works around it. Indeed as someone who understands little Japanese, it’s this method that allows you to still get the overall feeling for the song despite the language barrier. Not only that, as the vocal style is consistent, it doesn’t matter what flavour of instrumental the track has, it is distinctly SHISHAMO. Creating a firm identifier so you can tell it is the same band.

It’s no wonder they have built a lot of their success from live shows, particularly that of festivals, as they have such a special energy that makes it hard to resist just listening to one song. Again, it’s the feat of creating such a range to their sound but that inherent consistency which gives them a lot of options to create interesting set lists which we hope they bring to the UK sometime soon!

My Top 5 Hits

  1. 君とゲレンデ

  2. Oh!
  3. 僕に彼女ができたんだ

  4. 君の隣にいたいから

  5. 君と夏フェス


SHISHAMO’s discography is avaliable digitally in the UK, physical copies have to be imported.



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