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Mico, previously the vocalist of the band ふぇのたす (Phenotas), started SHE IS SUMMER as a solo project in 2016. The name comes from the American film 500 Days of Summer, as Mico likes the main character so much. At the time of writing the project is signed to Being Inc. Records and has released 1 album, 1 mini-album, and 3 EPs. Interestingly, some of music from this project has been used in collaborations with various clothing line adverts. Where Mico has performed in London before as part of an arts project, she is yet to bring a SHE IS SUMMER show to our shores although as the project continues to gain international attention we can hope that changes sometime soon.


SHE IS SUMMER delivers an interesting package of electro-pop, reminiscent of the 80s and 90s but with a few elements to give it a newer sound. Let us start our focus on the instrumental, with is mostly electronic synths and guitar. The synths are programmed to various electronic sounds that have a trance and techno feel, adding an electronic drum kit to enforce the rhythm. These are programmed to create either a more J-pop driven sound, with an upbeat rhythm and vibrant sounds, or alternatively to be more solemn and relaxed, bit like the chill out mixes on soundcloud and youtube. The guitars are then mixed to further fit inline with the sound of the synths, sometimes maintaining the guitar sound, going for a more funk sound, or completely programming to have an electronic sound. This all comes together to create an intricate instrumental for you to get lost in as you listen to the song.

Mico’s vocals have a light and melodic touch. Carefully balanced with the instrumental, being more dynamic on the more energetic tracks and softer on the more stripped back tracks. It doesn’t matter which sound the track goes for, Mico manages to pull off each sound effortlessly. Further to this, the vocals manage to really be the centre of the instrumental, whilst not detracting from it. It is a complete package and as I already mentioned, you can just get lost listening to the tracks which is such a pleasure. If you are looking for some music to chill out to, need you look no further than SHE IS SUMMER.

My Top 5 Hits

  1. Call Me In Your Summer
  2. 会いに行かなくちゃ

  3. とびきりのおしゃれして別れ話を

  4. あれからの話だけど

  5. New Me


In the UK only two EPs (Swimming in Love, and Miracle Food), and the single Bloom in the City are avaliable digitally on iTunes. Although you can listen to the whole discography on Spotify. Physical and other releases have to be imported from Japan.




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