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never young beach was formed in Tokyo during the spring of 2014. The current line up comprises of Yuma Abe (Vocal and Guitar), Satoshi Anan (Guitar), Keigo Tatsumi (Bass), and Kento Suzuki (Drums). After their first 2 albums won CD Shop awards, whilst the bands were hits at various major music festivals, it was only a matter of time until they signed to major label. At the time of writing, they are signed to Victor Entertainment with whom they have released a further 2 albums. Where they do seem to have quite an international focus, they are yet to perform in the UK which is something that we hope will change!


never young beach blend American indie music with folk, with a sprinkle of rock ‘n’ roll. Their earlier releases particularly have a more rock ‘n’ roll flair to them, energetic riffs and a bouncy rhythm, which has changed to a more alternative indie vibe on the newer releases. Still the instrumental style always retains it’s smooth and soothing nature, which is maintained by the slick bass lines and smooth drum beats that come together to dictate the rhythm. The guitar for the most part follows a more alternative riff style, playing some chords and gentle strumming in parts, but other times having a catchy pop rock riff. There will also be the odd solo that sticks to the mellow rhythm, creating a nice melody and keeps the flow going.

The vocals are where the real American indie influence kick in, with a droning effect harmonisation. Mainly going for the low notes, with an overdub of the higher, makes it surprisingly smooth. Sure I personally have never heard it be so distinctive, but it really works. This is further enhanced on newer releases with female backing vocals, creates such a mellow listening experience with the instrumental. Particularly as the vocals feel so intwined with the instrumental, creating a complete package over having the vocals floating above it.

Overall, never young beach on the surface sounds very simple, however it is easy to overlook all the sophisticated little details that make up the bigger picture. When listening to this band, you got to make sure you properly listen to every element and let it take you away to a calm and mellow place.

My Top 5 Hits


  1. fam fam
  3. 明るい未来
  4. Pink Jungle House
  5. あまり行かない喫茶店で


Their four albums are avaliable digitally in the UK, physical and their single releases have to be imported.


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