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Based in Tokyo, the band originally formed in 1999 under the name 百式 (roughly translating to One Hundred Expressions), the band changed their name to ZEROSHIKI (Zero Expressions) in 2005. There has been a few member changes over the years but the current line-up is: Dai “大佐” (Vocals), Mugi (Bass), and Shou “Chocchi” (Guitar). At the time of writing they are signed to RedStone Records and have released 1 album, 2 EPs, and 3 singles. This reflects their focus on live shows over recordings, which they had done around the world and they will be adding their appearance at Metal Matsuri to it!


ZEROSHIKI provide a great nu-metal sound, similar to the western bands Korn, Slipknot, etc. Guitars have a dulled tone, playing a bit slower and more rhythmic riffs compared to standard metal. This is mixed with the drums that have a faster pace, but mixed to have a slight dullness to the cymbals. Topped off by the vocals, which have a reserved tone, lots of reverb effects, and energy is placed behind them in key parts to bring up the energy of the song. Sure I have said dull a lot, but don’t get me wrong it isn’t in the sense of boring. It’s more in a psychedelic effect but I won’t deny it is a bit of a niche sound.

Where this is the pro-forma of their sound, there is some tracks where they bounce to a more standard metal sound. The dull tones removed with a faster tempo, it feels a bit like a different band. Although it’s good, with some guitar shredding and more standard vocals it is an nice other side of the band to spice up their discography. It is clear in the recordings that their live shows are their focus, as they sound rough around the edges and done in one take. It’s great, adding a bit of life to the nu-metal sound and can help you picture the sure to be great show they will put on at Metal Matsuri.

My Top 5 Hits


  1. Zero
  2. Frontier
  3. Ingram
  4. Reunion
  5. In Flames


Their discography is available from their bandcamp, physical copies of their releases are a bit rare but maybe some available at Metal Matsuri.


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