Miura Ayme [ミウラアイム]


© Miura Ayme. All rights reserved.


Previously the vocalist of visual-kei band Ecthelion, miu. started Miura Ayme as a solo project in 2018. Already at the time of writing, he has released 6 singles through independent label EL・HEAVEN, which was associated with Ecthelion. Outside of performing music, he participates in cosplay and acting but at the moment it seems music is very much the focus. Performing at events across the world, he will be appearing at Hyper Japan – Summer 2019.


As it is still early on, it’s safe to say Miura Ayme is still in an experimental phase but the sound revolves around mixing metal and electronic music. Although his newer singles are seeing more consistency and a clearer direction of the sound,  with a more electronic drive. Here the synths provide an overlay melody and rhythm to fill out the sound, giving it a bit more bulk. Not only that, it also seems to be a bit more rock focused other metal, giving it an overall more pop rock sound. I’d say this move is a good one, as it works more with his vocal style, which is calm and has a real melodic focus, sort of like a J-Pop style but a bit more emotive. With only 6 singles, it is clear there is great potential in this solo project.



All 6 of his current singles are available digitally in the UK, physicals will hopefully be avaliable at Hyper Japan.


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