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IJEN KAI go for a mysterious persona, not revealing much about themselves. Forming in 2017, the members consist of Lee Loi, So Shin, and Ringa. Signed to independent label Bug Scream Records, the band have released one album and a single. Hyper Japan – Summer 2019 will mark their first European show, which will surely be the first of many more to come.


IJEN KAI really hit the nail on the head with their own description of Cyber Punk. Capturing the intensity of Punk, but with an electronic sound. Indeed, where there is clearly drums, bass and guitar, all have been produced to have a more synth electronic sound but with the gain all the way up to create some distortion, making it a more industrial electronic and having the soul of punk. It’s interesting, particularly as the guitars turn to play more shredding riffs, it can sound a bit like 8-bit or game music. Particularly in the intense parts, it captures that energy that it works up to.

Although there is a surreal twist to their sound, from both the distortion but also the vocals that are blended in. They fade in and out of the focus on some tracks, and just add to the overall experience, instead of being the drive of the song. This effect is only furthered by random effects or sounds used to break up the rhythm which on certain tracks is pulled off really well. There are other tracks that go for a very surreal, with disjointed rhythms and the such, having a very alternative drive. Where I don’t think it shows the band in their best light, it works well for the overall sound they go for.

My Top 3 Hits


  1. darlin’
  2. metamorphosis
  3. completely alone


Their discography is available digitally in the UK, physicals have to imported but hopefully some will be around at Hyper Japan.



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