ELFRIEDE (エルフリーデ)


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Despite only forming 2 years ago, ELFRIEDE have already made quite a name for themselves. The band is made up of, from left to right: Yu-yan [Drums], Mikuru [Vocals], Ryo Yamabuki [Guitar], and Rina Hoshino [Bass]. The band released an independent EP, but already have released an album on major label King Records. Not only that, their music is distributed in UK, Europe and North America by JPU Records. Achieving this much in a short amount of time, we can hope a UK tour is only a matter of time!


ELFRIEDE bring a real fusion of harsh rock sounds with pop melodies, creating a grand sound in the process. However, unlike other artists it isn’t a case of the instrumental provides the harsh sound and the vocal the pop. In this case, it spills across the board. The instruments are tuned to have a harsh edge, but not necessarily loud to put the rhythms and melody in the spotlight. It is a clean and pure sound, focusing on the musicality over creating an intense energy. Where the rhythm is mainly driven by the drums and bass, the guitar effortlessly bounces between riffs and melodies, at what seem like literal flip of the switch. Ryo’s guitar prowess is always on show and is the real highlight of the sound. It also demonstrates the fusion of harsh and pop, where the riffs tend to be harsh sounding, the shredding has a melodic pop feel to them, making the guitar the source of most the catchy elements.

Mikuru’s vocals are also interesting, providing a J-Pop melody but with a firm tone. At first listen, they feel like hard rock or classic metal vocals. When combined with the melodic hook, it creates a powerful chorus that stays stuck in your head. Indeed, ELFRIEDE’s chorus are the highlight of each track as the strength of the hard rock sound really combines with the catchy J-Pop inspired melodies to create something that sticks in your head. I can imagine at live shows, this is where it all really kicks off. Let’s know they bring this to the UK sometime soon!

My Top 5 Hits

  1. Vibration
  2. Fate
  3. Passion
  4. Monster
  5. Orange


As the band are signed to JPU Records, their debut album is available physically (from 3rd May) and digitally in the UK from all good retailers and their own website. Unfortunately their first EP is out of print but most of the tracks are on the album.


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