Red Dogs


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Formed in 2012, Red Dogs are from Osaka. The band is formed by: Haruka (Bass, Vocals), Kazumi (Drums, Chorus), and Satoko (Guitar, Chorus). Being an independent project, the band have released a single EP, and 2 mini-albums, with one of their songs appearing in the film “Vampire”. Red Dogs have performed worldwide, including a couple of performances in the UK so we can expect to see them again some point soon.


What is great about Red Dogs is they take Punk back to its roots, and really remind me of the Ramones. It has a hard and fast energy, with a bit of a fun element to it. The guitar and bass are cranked all the way up, providing strong rhythms and some intense shredding in places. Varying from song to song, the guitar prowess is demonstrated across their discography. The drums enforce this with steady and strong hits, adjusting tempo flawlessly when needed. This is all rounded off with Haruka’s vocals that provide the catchy hooks for each track. They are strong and harsh, providing the melody when needed. Indeed, they hold their own over the intense instrumental and manage to keep your attention.

Each track has its own special feel to it, running with whichever idea they had to create a unique spin on their sound, creating great variation. I particularly like the theatrical side of their sound, drawing more from classic metal/hard rock, with a punk spin on it. I have to say for an independent band, their music is produced and mixed to such a high quality, you’d think they were signed to a major label. Of course with bands like this, they truly shine in a live setting. If their recorded music is anything to go by, they are not to be missed live!

Top 5 Hits

  1. Music is Freedom
  2. Hero
  3. Theme of Red Dogs
  4. Up & Down
  5. Large Hill


Unfortunately their first single is out of print, but their first mini-album is available digitally via their bandcamp. Their third CD is widely available at their shows, although I’m told when the website updates it will hopefully be available online. You can also listen to a select range of their tracks on Reverbnation and their Soundcloud.


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