2& (Double And)


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2& is the act name of Saki, a idol who started this project late 2011. Originally a double act with the idol Saya, until 2014 where Saki carried on solo. For a time it became a side project when she joined the idol group Guso Drop, however since she graduated in 2017, 2& is now her main focus again. Completely running the project independently, Saki has complete control over her act. At the time of writing 2& has released 1 album and 5 singles, with plans to realise a compilation album as part of her upcoming UK tour (courtesy of Kushikatsu Records). Yes, incase you somehow haven’t heard, 2& are returning to the UK on the Indie, Idol, and Infamous tour.

(Massive thanks to @poleosis06 on Twitter for their contribution to the background information)


The real drive of her sound is having a strong energy. Saki has strong vocals, which allows her to deliver the melody over the harsh instrumental. Standing strong, you zone into the vocals and when that chorus comes round, good luck getting it out of your head! What I particularly like is the rough edge onto it, having a melody, but a more punk vocal style in parts to really give songs an energetic boost! Where production of the tracks can feel a little low budget, her vocals having such a great presence and clarity is a testament to her vocal performance.

What I also really like is the instrumentals, which I feel are really part of the track, a lot more so than other idol acts. The guitars particularly play complex riffs, providing complex rhythms that don’t support but compliment the vocals. The instrumentals are part of the song, and it really enhances the listening experience. Just goes to show the true extent of Saki’s writing skills, and live creates a special energy. You will not want to miss her on the upcoming tour.

My Top 5 Hits


  1. 間違いダラけ

  2. Limit Compression Doll (限界圧縮人形)
  3. ネガポジmonster
  4. コボレオチ

  5. ドリーム


Unfortunately a lot of her releases are out of print and the ones which aren’t have to be imported. Physical copies of the compilation album will be avaliable at her upcoming UK shows, and be the best way to purchase 2&’s music.

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