Hold Out Hope


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Forming in 2015, Hold Out Hope come from Akita City. The members from left to right are: Kusa (Drums), Ryo (Manipulator), Haruka (Vocal), Ryuto (Bass), and Daiki (Guitar). Currently the band are an independent unit, releasing 1 mini album, 1 EP, 1 split EP, and 2 singles. Where they haven’t toured outside of Japan, they have worked frequently with overseas bands in Japan as support acts. Hopefully as the band grows this means they will perform in the UK, particularly as they clearly want to appeal to the worldwide scene.


Hold Out Hope are very much an easycore band, mixing elements of metalcore and pop punk, having a harsh instrumental edge but overall pop like sound, even bouncing between riffs of the two types. There is a very clear influence from the french band, Chunk! No Captain Chunk!, particularly in the guitar tones but by no means are Hold Out Hope just a carbon copy. Hold Out Hope have a lot more of a drive on adapting an electronic element to their tracks, whether that be in effects or synths, it helps drive the more pop side of the sound. I really like how they will drop game like sounds in the mix, just as a fun little bonus. Beyond this, instrumentally they are solid in bouncing between a heavy riff to a more pop punk riff, throwing breakdowns into tracks, and really enhancing the energy of a track.

Of course the other main difference is the clean vocals are female, Haruka does a good job of singing a little deeper to match the guitar tones, yet still maintaining the melodic push to keep the songs catchy. The screaming vocals are done by guitarist Daiki, which allows them to have more of an impact when they jump into a track. Even bassist Ryuto contributes some leading clean vocals, again adding a nice contrast and mix to the energy. Most of the lyrics are in English, making it futher impressive but also again shows the clear western influence on the band. All together, the band have a great energy about them, imaging hearing some of the breakdowns live makes me desperate to hear them live. So here is to hoping they grace us with their presence sometime soon!

My Top 5 Hits



  1. Stingray
  2. Replay Resound
  3. Vega
  4. You Never Know
  5. Twilight Syndrome


Only their recent mini-album AM, and a couple of singles are available digitally here, but their earlier releases can be purchased from their bandcamp. Physical copies have to be imported.


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