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MOSHIMO (previously called CHEESE CAKE until 2015), formed way back in 2006. Originating from Kasuga, Fukuoka prefecture, the original members all knew each other since elementary school but the bassist and drummer withdrew from the band and were replaced and name change occurred the same time. Currently the lineup consists of: 岩淵紗貴 (Iwabuchi Saki) [Vocals and Guitar], 一瀬貴之 (Ichinose Takayuki) [Guitar], 本多響平  (Honda Kyōhei)[Drums], and 宮原颯 (Miyahara Hayashiro) [Bass]. MOSHIMO have spent most of their career being independent, being signed to SME Records for a while but now signed to Rastrum Music Entertainment. At the time of writing they have released 2 albums, and 3 mini-albums! As of yet they are yet to perform in the UK, but hopefully that will be on the cards for the future.


MOSHIMO have a real garage punk sound they confine to refine. It’s rough around the edges, but that creates its own charm. Generally the songs are heavy with a fast steady rhythm. Despite the wall of sound, it’s clear to hear each individual instrument and element, which usually gets lost in the garage like sound. In particular, the bass is quite forefront and provides the real drive for the rhythm of the songs with the drums. The guitars bounce between straight forward chords, to catchy riffs/shredding, which is what gives the bass the room to stand out but also adds a more interesting layer to the music and makes MOSHIMO stand out. Where the vocals drive the melody, as they are a bit rough around the edges the guitar fulfilling the role as well helps ensure the catchiness of the songs. Don’t get me wrong, the vocals being rough works with the sound and I find it a bit refreshing hearing a Japanese female vocalist sing in this style, again making MOSHIMO stand out a bit more.

MOSHIMO do have some slower sounds, but these aren’t just stripped back songs like you’d expect. They retain the fuller sounds of their usual tracks, sounding just like a slower version of their other songs. However, they tend to replace one of the guitars with a keyboard, sometimes with an acoustic guitar, and it helps give it that more flowing vibe. The vocals are also more tuneful, providing a more sing along feel and shows the band in a new light. From a Western perspective, both of these sounds are quite unique as there is Japanese elements clearly present, particularly the catchy and J-Pop style chorus (even if the sound isn’t that way, it has the structure of it), but they do throw in typical Japanese sounds, furthering their sound to their own unique thing.

My Top 5 Hits



  1. 電光石火ジェラシー

  2. 命短し恋せよ乙女

  3. チュウチュウ
  4. 釣った魚にエサやれ
  5.  Potato Salada


The usual story that their music is available digitally, physical have to be imported.


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