Mrs. GREEN APPLE (ミセスグリーンアップル)

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Coming together in 2013, Mrs. GREEN APPLE are a Tokyo based rock band. The band is made up of: 大森元貴 (Ōmori Motoki) [Vocals, Guitar], 若井滉斗 (Wakai Hiroto) [Guitar], 山中綾華 (Yamanaka Ayaka) [Drums], 藤澤涼架 (Fujisawa Ryōka) [Keyboard], and 髙野清宗 (Kiyokazu Takano) [Bass]. The band made their major debut in 2015, signing to EMI Records, and in their career have released 3 albums and 3 mini-albums. They also performed the opening for Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V. Known for their live performance, unfortunately they have not graced the UK with a performance but hopefully soon that changes.


Mrs. GREEN APPLE make full use of the keyboard to bring a true range to their sound. At the core, it is a solid pop rock sound, ranging from upbeat tracks to slower emotive tracks, having a song for every mood you could be in. The vocals follow suit, having power at times, but ultimately focusing on providing the melody which is the catchy hook to keep the song in your head. It is really solid and tight, providing a great core for all the sound. The rhythm in particular has a real flexibility to have a great energy on the more upbeat tracks, but then on the flip-side it works on the more emotive track to allow the emotions to be felt, beyond the language barrier.

The keyboard then works to extend this range even further, for the most part working like a piano or electric keyboard, working to merely extend the pop rock sound. It’s a nice layer, making the sound be more in pop territory without losing the rock edge. Other times, it is changed to be more of a synth, with an electronic edge to push into more alternative genres. Using more of the emotive pop rock track sound for the other instruments, creating something special and separate from the rest of their tracks.

My Top 5 Hits

  1. ナニヲナニヲ

  2. StaRt
  3. アウフヘーベン

  4. パブリック

  5. 青と夏


Usual situation, their discography is available digitally but physical copies have to be imported.


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