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miwa is a singer-songwriter from Tokyo, making her start by doing whatever live show she could until she made her major debut in 2010. At the time of writing, miwa is signed to Sony Music Records and has released 5 albums and a best of compilation of 31 tracks! In her career some of her songs have been used for anime and a range of shows such as: Bleach, My Hero Academia, and more. Where she is renowned for her live shows in Japan, miwa is yet to perform in the UK. As always we hope she brings her special show to our shores.


miwa is a refreshing singer songwriter who manages to always encapsulate a real warm and pure sound. Typically this is through an acoustic stripped back feel with just miwa’s vocal, an acoustic guitar, with a touch of some other instruments playing softly in the background. miwa’s vocals are effortlessly tuneful and a real pleasure to listen to. Particularly as she flawlessly pulls off a laid back sound and a ballad style, nailing both perfectly. Where it is not as bold as other ballad singers, she maintains her pleasant vibe, bringing a more refreshing spin to that genre of music. There is more emphasis on the flowing melody over having the power in the vocal, and that’s what works to ensure albums come together. Indeed, no matter what style of track miwa goes for, her vocals is what brings her sound together.

Where this is the core of miwa’s sound, as a singer songwriter she pushes herself beyond these on some tracks having a more pop rock or even electronic style. These have a more upbeat vibe and interestingly maintain the feel of the more stripped back songs. If anything, the instruments are mixed to really enhance this sound and ensure the vocals are still the forefront of the song. With every album you can hear the progression in how miwa is extending her sound and mastering her craft. Trying out new things, taking what works most and extending it further. It’s a sign of a true talent that after all these years she is still trying new things and nailing her sound at the same time.

Usually I would want to go to gigs to feel the high energy of a band, but for miwa I would love to go to experience this more laid back and pure energy. Particularly to just relax and unwind at the weekend. If this sounds like your speed then definitely go see her if you get the chance.

My Top 5 Hits


  1. Change
  2. Update
  3. Friday-Ma-Magic
  4. Kiss You
  5. Faith


Only 3 of miwa’s album and also the best of album are available digitally here in the UK, beyond that and physical copies have to be imported.


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