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BLUE ENCOUNT formed in 2013 in Tokyo, from left to right the members are; 辻村勇太 (Tsujimura Yūta) [Bass],  高村佳秀 (Takamura Yoshihide) [Drums], 田邊駿一 (Shinichi Tanabe) [Vocals and Guitar], 江口雄也 (Eguchi Yūya) [Guitar]. Currently the group are signed to キューンミュージックKi/oon Music), a subsidy label of Sony Records. At the time of writing they have released 4 albums, 3 mini-albums, and 2 EPs! That’s a lot of music for 4 years. Blue Encount have provided songs for the anime; Gintama, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans, and Banana Fish. Unfortunately Blue Encount haven’t performed on our shores, our Christmas wish will be this changes soon!


As you probably guessed from the photo and the instruments, BLUE ENCOUNT are a rock band. There is a bit of a range to their sound, but generally the instruments go for a hard and fast sound with a gentle flowing vocal on the top. It’s a cool contrast between the two which really works, particularly as one guitar tends to be constantly shredding which brings it all together. This guitar shredding gets focused on bridging the chorus and verse, and works to keep the songs flowing. It’s no wonder their tracks have been used as theme songs as you get the best of both having high energy instrumental to get you pumped for the action, then a catchy vocal to keep it stuck in your head and give the track a more general appeal. Indeed, the 2 Gintama openings they did never failed to get me hyped for an episode! The intense energy is also what makes me desperate to see them live, with an engaged audience it will make for one hell of an atmosphere.

Still, that is the typical sound. They do mix it up with more ballad/acoustic style tracks where the vocals have more energy behind them, driving the song and it is a welcome change. Other times the instrumental will be broken down a bit more, play a more experimental jazz sound, which they will further mix up with the vocal such as putting an effect on them, having a more rap like direction, etc. Sometimes it is even sung in English, which always throws me as it is done so well you would never think it was a Japanese artist playing! It is these little things put into the odd track that help give their albums a bit of variation that keeps it going and stay interesting. This is great to hear, particularly how many tracks they release it would be easy to keep it the same but you can sense that desire to progress and push their sound.

My Top 5 Hits


  1. Day X Day
  2. Waaaake!!!!
  3. Go Crazy
  4. Survivor
  5. Just Awake


Inset the usual line that their major label releases are available digitally, but physical copies and their earlier releases have to be imported.


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