BANZAI JAPAN(バンザイジャパン)


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BANZAI JAPAN are an idol group who aim to visualise Japanese culture through their singing and dancing. Each member is from a different prefecture in Japan, hoping one day they will have members from all 47 prefectures. At time of writing there is 16 members, the full list can be found here. Signed to Cospanic Entertainment, the group have released 1 album and 2 singles. They will be making their first UK appearance at this year’s Winter Hyper Japan, and should be a must see if you are attending.


BANZAI JAPAN’s sound is exactly a summary of Japanese culture. The drive is bringing the idol sound with traditional instruments. The J-Pop style of the vocals of melodic singing and catchy choruses, with traditional instruments placed around to give you the real Japanese feel. Vocally it tends to follow one of the idols and they come together for the chorus. The chorus is strong, and surprisingly the melody of the chorus isn’t drowned out by the large number of vocalists.

As I already mentioned, the instrumental features traditional instruments but it isn’t the drive. It follows a more pop rock feel, with strong guitar riffs, and combined with the drums, creates a fast and energetic rhythm. It’s interesting they went for this route instead of electronic but it makes the group more unique. It still works to support their dance routines live, and with all the members it is quite the sight to behold!

My Top 5 Hits


  1. Yamato Nadeshikono Higanoboru
  2. Nanairo Parasou
  3. Ooedo Parade
  4. Kioku Tadashiku Uthukushiku
  5. Banzai Japan


Their discography is available digitally here in the UK, physical copies have to be imported. Hopefully some will be avaliable at Hyper Japan!


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