Xmas Eileen (クリスマスアイリーン-)


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The mysterious group formed in 2014, consisting of masked members all named No Name. In the group there is 2 vocalists, a performer, drums, bass, guitar, and a DJ. The group made their major debut on Victor Entertainment, and at time of writing have released 2 albums, 2 mini albums, and 3 singles. Performing at many festivals in Japan, they will be doing their first UK performance at Hyper Japan so you won’t want to miss it!


From reading the bio, you’ve probably caught on Xmas Eileen are an electronic rock group. Sound wise, they have quite a similar feel to Crossfaith so if you like them, you’ll also like Xmas Eileen. What separates the two is Xmas Eileen have a more electronic drive to their tracks, putting them more on the electronic side of electronicore. The electronic has a strong dance sound to it, providing a fast dance melody and rhythm to give the rock elements a kick in the dance direction. Some of the vocals also have electronic effects on them to further this, or the rap vocals to match the fast pace of the tracks, really rounds it all together.

Still, the rock instruments have a strong presence. Varying from a hard rock to metal sound, the guitars and drums particularly rip through the electronic synths, giving it that harsh energy as they juxtapose each other. Where the electronic side has dominance, it is balanced well with what the group go for. Again, the vocals are effectively used to bring the focus on the rock elements using harsh and scream vocals to draw out the energy from that side of things. It is an interesting spin on electronicore that tends to focus more on the rock and metal side, pushing the genre further.

My Top 5 Hits

  1. Wake Up My Friend
  2. Fly High
  3. Bad Boys Be Ambitious
  4. Keep on A・B・C・ing
  5. Candy Smile


Their music is available digitally here in the UK, physical CDs have to be imported but hopefully they will have some at Hyper Japan!


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