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Active since 2009, REMNANT consists of; Marie (Vocals), Takmi (Guitar, Programming), Rober (Noise, Synth). Currently signed to Clockwork Records, they have released 2 albums, and 1 mini-album. There is also a bunch of single releases from their underground activities but there were limited copies of these. Where they haven’t performed in the UK, they will be touring Europe around AVO Festival in September with dates in; Moscow (Russia, 7th), Brno (Czech Republic, 8th), Berlin (Germany, 13th).


REMNANT’s sound is hauntingly beautiful. Indeed, it sounds like something from a horror film but I would say it has a more rounded beauty to it. At the heart of the project the group aims to create music that follows the keywords of; Horror, Melancholic, and Dark Fantasy. These words do work as a good summary for it. The synths and guitar are programmed to play a soft melody, but this is combined with some dissonance frequencies that also make you uncomfortable at the same time. Generally this is combined with a slow drum beat, creating a trance and floating feel to it all.  However, the odd track has a faster beat which feels like it wouldn’t work and mess up the floating theme. But it actually brings an interesting contrasting approach, managing to keep this haunting feel, the extra energy managing not to disrupt the flow and working more to create a variation that is more intense. A differenting kind of haunting feel.

Marie’s vocals are the final piece to the puzzle. Floating within the instrumental, the vocals are reserved and have an innocence to them. Honestly, it sounds like a ghost singing! This furthers the ambition of their sound. Where they achieve their sound in the few instrumental tracks, I feel the vocals complete it and give the full experience. The sound as a whole is a combination of unsettling and beauty. It’s a hard concept to describe, so be sure to check them out for yourself!

My Top 5 Hits

  1. Artificial Tears
  2. Eternity of Children
  3. Darkness Coming
  4. Death Penalty
  5. Ghost


REMNANT’s earlier music is available on their Bandcamp, past this their music has to be imported. There is also a selection of tracks available to stream on their Soundcloud.


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