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Originally forming in 2010, Esprit D’Air were active until 2013, and then reformed in 2016. Interestingly, the group are based right here in London! The band is lead by 海 (KAI) [Vocals & Guitar], and the rest of the members tend to be touring members for live shows. They release their music via their own independent label, Starstorm Records, and they have released 1 album and 3 EPs. The band have heavily toured Europe and even done a few shows in America. They performed at AVO J-Music Festival and as they are actually based here there, UK shows are a given.


Esprit D’Air’s sound can be surmised as a melodic electronic metal. Indeed, every track has this nice flow to it, mainly driven by the electronic elements of the track. It’s interesting really, the electronic and metal elements are juxtaposed on most tracks yet still comes together. The metal side is what you expect, its harsh and fast. It cuts through the electronic elements to keep the high energy and the drive of the tracks. Generally it is simplistic, and predominately rhythm based. That isn’t to say there isn’t the odd guitar solo, when it is pulled out it is pretty insane!

Whereas the electronic elements are soft, usually either piano keys or just gliding pads that sit on the top. Acting like a cool breeze over the metal sound, which does lower the energy a little, however I feel it gives the sound a more of a general appeal. The vocals generally fit more in with the electronic side. They have a more clean J-rock feel to them, with the electronic elements acting as a support to help the vocals not be drowned out by the harsh instruments. The vocals are what unites the electronic and metal, as it is a bit of both. Still, it does amaze me how they flawlessly meld the two elements in such a way.

Knowing the band are heavily focused on their live shows, I can see how these songs can get a crowd going in a live show. In a good way, the recordings manage to capture that live sound and not dilute it down like other artists. It’s clear these guys can put on a hell of a show, so don’t miss out while you have the chance!

My Top 5 Hits

  1. The Hunter
  2. The Awakening
  3. Ignition
  4. Versus
  5. Guiding Light


Their discography is available on iTunes and other digital outlets, physical copies are also generally available (however stock may be limited). Their album will most likely be avaliable at their live shows.


Website  –  Youtube  –  Twitter  –  Facebook

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