Tokyo Flavor (東京flavor)


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Flavor Group is a combination of smaller units, representing different areas (Tokyo, Osaka, and Kobe for now) but it looks like the group is hoping to expand to cover new areas. At Hyper Japan only the Tokyo Flavor are performing after wining the idol battle contest! The Tokyo branch made their debut in 2015, and is formed of members; にいな(Niina), 星ゆりか(Yurika),白石まゆみ (Mayumi). They have only released 2 singles, with the last being their major debut. Hyper Japan will be their first performance here, so let’s give them a warm welcome so it will be the first of many!


Tokyo Flavor provide a great serving of J-Pop right to your ears. Their tracks are light hearted fun. The instrumental is just an electronic rhythm with a drum beat that is irresistible to not bust a move to. The vocals are catchy melodies that stay stuck in your head, completing the infectious J-Pop package! Each member has their own style of vocals, having a distinct pitch where they can stand out separately but come together in great force to provide a strong chorus. Of course live this is all enhanced by their onstage dance routines they perform while singing bringing an extra layer to each track. Be sure to dash over to the Hyper Live stage and see them for yourself. I guarantee they will brighten up your day!

Single – OMG~オーマイグッメン~ (OMG~Oh My God)


At the time of writing their music is import only, but hopefully you can get your hands on a physical release at Hyper Japan!


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  1. I will be seeing them at Hyper Japan in London this weekend although I have seen them before at a Idol Festival in Tokyo. Looking forward to it!


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