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Updated 26th August 2019.


Deadlift Lolita are an idol group that mixes kawaii, muscles and fun! The group is made up by two members Ladybeard and Reika Saiki (I surely don’t need to point out who is who), both of which are also pro-wrestlers. Signed to Opalus Records, they have released 4 singles at the time of writing. Deadlift Lolita have already done a bunch of shows around the world, including the UK!


With Deadlift Lolita you get what you see. Musically it is a mishmash of electronic J-Pop and Metalcore. Instrumental for both tend to be a basic fast rhythm, indeed with idol groups the instrumental is not really the focus. However in their few singles a couple do feature some awesome guitar shredding, appearing in the bridge of the songs. Other than that it is just a simple beat you can dance along to. All songs bounce between these two genres, but they tend to have a focus on one and the other genre is then used as a contrast. It is usually an abrupt change, creating a chaotic energy which works with the image they go for.

Moving to the vocals, Reika’s vocals fall in line with traditional J-Pop idol being tuneful and providing the catchy hook. Her vocals tend to be the drive in the chorus but does appear in the verses in back and forth interactions. Ladybeard does also sing tunefully but mainly provides screaming vocals along with the metal instrumental. The contrast energy again adds to the chaotic nature which makes the tracks engaging and fun! Of course like most idol groups, their live performance also revolves around dances which they also do! With the bodybuilding theme, they incorporate workouts and such into their shows adding further to the energy. Seeing them live must be a fun way to get your exercise for the week!

My 3 Top Hits

  1. Muscle Cocktail
  2. Pump Up Japan
  3. Kimiterasu Sairiumu (Illuminated by Penlights)


Their singles are available on iTunes, physical copies have to be imported.


Website  –  Youtube (Ladybeard’s Account)  –  Twitter  –  Facebook


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