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Updated 26th August 2019.


The story goes Pharaoh, Patra, and Pyramy met way back in BC and in 2011 decided to form an electronic disco band called EZYPT. Since their formation they have released an album with a few singles, which they did independently. They also post radio shows on SoundCloud for those of you who understand Japanese. They have performed in the UK a few times before and they are sure to perform here again sometime soon.


EZYPT are an electronic group. The style they go for a more techno disco vibe, so it is a slow tempo but you can still dance to it. Where it has the older electronic feel to it, they update it with a more modern electronic synth sound so has a J-Pop ring to it  but stays more within the electronic genre. The synths typically provide a rhythm and a beat, playing simplistic patterns but with the skill is within the programming of the sounds. There is some really interesting effects and techniques used to create some great sounds, that production nuts like me will love. On some tracks they also feature guitar, either giving a harsh contrast or putting a more funk tone on the amp to be in line with the synths and bolster the rhythm and creates that fuller instrumental.

Over this, you have male and female vocals which also have electronic effects placed on them. It’s interesting as they don’t really provide a melody, but are sung in a trance style. This works well just sitting above the instrumental due to it’s slower tempo, and really brings it all together. Further to this, the male and female dynamic is not really a prominent feature because of the electronic effects. They don’t sound too different to each other but it allows the vocals to continuously flow over the instrumental and help maintain the electronic rhythm in the verses, with a more dual sound on the chorus. Live the vocalists interact and get the crowd going, working to get people dancing along to the music. From the videos I have seen they create a nice energy in the room.

My Top Hits

  1. Dramatic Monday
  2. Kiss Of Fire
  3. EDM

  5. Pharaoh「01」


Their music is available digitally, however physical copies must be imported.


Website  –  Youtube  –  Twitter (Hashtag)  –  Facebook


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