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Updated 26th August 2019.


A solo project starting in 2015, YUKIKA is an independent artist who created a Youtube channel, that regularly posts content on Thursday and Sundays. This is a combination of original songs and covers, along with other general vlogs. At present she has released 5 single EPs, a mini-album and one full album. No mean feat for an independent artist, and YUKIKA has already performed multiple times in the UK where she has gained a quite a following so her return will only be a matter of time.


There are two flavours to YUKIKA’s sound, solo acoustic and rock. First lets look at the acoustic side of her sound, which I find has a real pure sound. Her vocals have a real nice flow to them, combined with her incredible lungs, they are strong enough to just need the guitar to provide a rhythm to accompany. Where I do like acoustic artists, I tend to turn off from them a bit. However, YUKIKA’s strong vocal sound manages to keep me engaged. Further to this, her lyrics are a mixture of English and Japanese, sometimes focusing on one language, but it is great in making her sound more accessible. The guitar on the other hand provides more than just a simple rhythm. The riffs are complex, and quite bouncy. It helps to just complete, so just between the vocal and guitar it really feels like a full package with no need for anything more. Based on this, I’m sure her one-man shows are a great experience. Not leaving you with the desire for any extra instrumentals, just having all your focus on her.

Then there is the rock sound, which is where she performs with a full band. The upbeat bouncy rhythm is enhanced, as the tracks are fast and have a nice energy to it. For me, what makes it truly special is she fully goes for it using different programming effects and goes all for it. A prime example is “Welcome To Japan”, which further to the rock instruments, traditional Japanese instruments are programmed in and there is various vocal effects to the song. It creates a really special fun sound and you can tell it is being made for pure enjoyment. Despite all the programming, this does translate really well live based on the videos I’ve seen on her account. Particularly when she performs with a backing band. Still there is that consistency in the vocal, and that is what makes the two styles come together. Really YUKIKA is a real power house in terms of writing and performance!

My Top 5 Hits




  1. Welcome To Japan
  2. First Plan
  3. Who Am I
  4. Rock’n’Roll
  5. Everyday is Beautiful Day


Yukika’s album is avaliable digitally, the rest of her music you will have to import her music from her directly on her website. Physical copies also tend to be avaliable at her live shows.


Website  –  Youtube  –  Twitter  –  Facebook



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