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Updated 21st August 2019.


Started in 2011, MY FIRST STORY formed in Shiyuba. The members consist of Hiro (森内 寛樹 Moriuchi Hiroki) [Vocals], Nob (加藤 伸明 Katō Nobuaki) [Bass], Teru (西澤 照貴 Nishizawa Teruki) [Guitar], and Kid’z (佐々木 翔平 Sasaki Shōhei) [Drums]. There is also a notable fifth member, Tsuchiya Shō (土屋 翔), who was the lead guitarist but in 2015 went on hiatus from the band for personal reasons. He does still however contribute artistically and is credited on the albums in terms of writing or producing. The group is currently signed to independent record label Intact Records, and have released 7 albums and 2 EPs. No mean feat for an independent artist! They have also provided themes for the anime Nobunga Concerto, and Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova. Where they are a big name in the live circuit in Japan, they are yet to perform here in the UK. If they can manage to get a bit more known over here, I’m sure they could pull of a successful tour!


It’s hard to precisely pinpoint MY FIRST STORY’s sound, to summarise it is pretty much a pop twist on the hardcore genre. Instrumentally it has the hardcore feel to it. The guitar and the bass have the dulled tone, to give more of a cutting through sound. Originally the guitars had a more dominant presence, particularly with Sho’s lead parts adding some nice pieces of shredding. Although since his departure, the guitar has a more rhythmic focus. Where it is mostly simplified there is still the odd bit of shredding but it has less of a presence in my opinion. However it does work and allows the band to focus on other aspects. On the other hand, the drums aren’t necessarily fast, they play a strong beat as a base for the tracks.

The pop element mainly arrives from Hiro’s vocals as his voice has a higher pitch than usual for hardcore. It brings a nice contrast to the instrumental, and helps bring an extra bit of strength in doing this. Particularly as his vocals have a raw strength behind it, and the higher pitch for me is a real nice change in the genre. There is also some screaming vocals to work more on the hardcore element, and these work to really enhance the emotional energy of those tracks. Notably some of the lyrics are also in English, allowing those of us who don’t know Japanese to get what the songs are about. The band also get the pop element from sometimes including keyboards or synths within the track which adds a nice bit of variation. Particularly as I feel they could do with a bit more of, as the tracks can get a little samey. Though I’m sure based on the energy of the recordings alone, MY FIRST STORY put on one kick ass live show!

My Top 5 Hits

  1. Alone
  2. Reviver
  3. 不可逆リプレイス (Irreversible Replacement)
  4. Missing You
  5. Black Rail


Some of their discography is avaliable digitally, but you maybe better off importing from Japan.


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