Crossfaith (クロスフェイス)


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Updated 14th August 2019.


Before Babymetal started dominating the western alternative scene, Crossfaith had already began making waves and becoming a rising star in the underground alternative scene. Formed in Osaka back in 2006, the band have grown into a worldwide hit. The band consists of Kenta Koie (Vocals), Kazuki Takemura (Guitar), Hiroki Ikegawa (Bass), Tatsuya Amano (Drums), and Terufumi Tamano (Vision / Programmer). At the time of writing they have released 5 albums and 3 EPs. Currently the band are signed to major label Sony in Asia, and various other labels for distribution worldwide, a testament to their success. For once I am happy to say the band have performed in the UK numerous times and are bound to be back sooner than later!


Crossfaith are an electronicore band, mixing electronic and metalcore genres into an interesting blend. I won’t lie, when I first heard it I wasn’t really into it (more of a case of not being a fan of electronic music). However when I happened to see them live, it’s when the sound started to click. Where for the most part the band are a metalcore band, the electronic nature is really what makes them stand out. The electronic nature of the track is varied, some tracks it is very minimal, giving a boost to the rhythm. Others it is what drives the song in either the chorus or the breakdown. It gives the band an extra kick in these parts, combining the energies of a electronic dance and metal. For more typical metal fans, it is something that you need a couple of listens to get used to, but unlike their western counterparts, Crossfaith is more subtle, and isn’t abrupt with the electronic side. It has a more complimentary nature to the other instruments, making their sound a lot closer to metalcore than electronic.

The vocals are primarily screaming vocals, however there is the odd normal singing vocals and rap giving some variation on the tracks. Interestingly, the vocals are in English. This is no doubt what has helped the band become an international hit. Other than the electronic side, it is as already mentioned standard metalcore so the band are a group for those who like their music heavy, really nailing the aggressive energy of their tracks. Interestingly though there is only one guitarist other than the two but it doesn’t feel like something is missing. Particularly as this is where the programming feels in the gaps. As already mentioned, the band put on a strong live show and you can tell it is what they are mainly about. If you are already a fan of the western metalcore scene, Crossfaith should be on your radar if they aren’t already.

My Top 5 Hits

  1. Catastrophe
  2. Countdown to Hell
  3. Wipeout
  4. Eclipse
  5. We Are The Future


Their music is widely available as they are signed to Australian label UNFD who have distribution links in the UK, physical and digital, you’ll be able to get what you want for a change!


Website  –  Youtube  –  Twitter  –  Facebook



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