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Updated 12th August 2019.


Formed by Stardust Promotion in 2015 in the Fukuoka Prefecture, BATTEN SHOWJO TAI are a predominately region based idol group. Each member has an associated colour, from left to right they are, Sora Hoshino (星野 蒼良), Kiina Haruno (春乃 きいな), Riko Ueda (上田 理子), Sakura Seta (瀬田 さくら), Arisa Nishigaki (西垣 有彩), and Ai Kiyama (希山 愛).  Since formation, the group have been signed to Colourful Records (part of Victor Entertainment), and have released 2 album with 6 singles. An impressive start to this idol group’s career. Particularly as their single Yoka Yoka Dance was an ending theme for Dragon Ball Super! As of yet, they have not ventured outside Japan. Although they are based in one prefecture, we hope they will appear at a Japan event in the UK someday!


In a time where there is endless idol groups, what is so special about BATTEN SHOWJO TAI? For me it is the production behind them, even though idol groups are less likely to be constrained to pop, with metal variants now, BATTEN SHOWJO TAI follow a more ska punk sound which really works for the idol format. The energetic upbeat instrumentals provide a great rhythm for the idols to sing and dance to. It also spices it up their sound with the use of brass instruments and percussion effects to truly make the group unique. Particularly for someone like myself who tends to go for more alternative genres (if you haven’t noticed yet) it makes the group more accessible to a wider audience, and gives them a more general appeal.

The idols themselves really embrace their sound, with each song having a fun vibe to it. Just from listening to them singing, you can tell they are enjoying themselves. As with all idol groups, each idol has their own unique voice. With BATTEN SHOWJO TAI it is more discernible in terms of pitch. This creates one of the strongest harmonies I have personally ever heard when they join together for the catchy hook or vocal line.  Their live performance also has the added feature of choreographed dances which are matched to the ska punk sound, which does really enhance the listening experience. It’s hard to not want to move yourself, making them a must see if you get the chance to witness them perform live! We sure hope we get the chance to go to a live show!

Top 5 Hits

  1. よかよかダンス [Yoka Yoka Dance]
  2.  おっしょい [Otoshoi]
  3. すぺしゃるでい [Special Day]
  5. ばってん少女 [Batten Shōjo]


Here comes the usual paste, their discography is digitally available on iTunes but physical copies have to be imported.


Website  –  Twitter



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