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Updated 12th August 2019.


Hailing from Hiroshima, the group was created in 2000. From left to right, the members are: a-chan, NOCCHi, and KASHIYUKA. Over the years the group has been signed to various labels, currently have a worldwide deal with major label Universal Music. Across their career they have released 6 albums across their various labels, releasing a huge number of singles from these. In the past the band have done a couple of shows in London, hopefully they will expand this to a tour in the future!


Typically the group go for an electronic dance style.  The instrumentals are simple synths playing rhythms and the odd melody, in front of an electronic drum beat. The synths are tweaked to every track which provides a nice variety of sounds. What provides the consistency is producer Yasutaka Nakata, who has produced all their music since 2003. He usually provides a simple but effective, proving a nice rhythm to dance to, something I can hear being played at any club around the world. Vocally, the girls have similar voices. Verses tend to flow between the girls taking on parts of the line. Then for the chorus or hook they come together and provide a strong harmony, which stands tall above the instrumental, bringing power to that part of the song.

Like other idol groups, the other crucial element of their live performance is the dance routines. Perfume opt usually to more simpler routines. As the instruments are simple, it works that the dance routines are similar in this regard. Not only that, the group focuses more on being precise with their movements, moving in time and moving their body to more specific positions along to the song. This makes them different to FEMM, who are robotic to fit their theme, Perfume feels more like they want to properly execute more basic dance routine, compared to an extravagant dance routine other idol groups do who end up changing members every few years. This is probably why the group have managed to carry on without changing members for all this time!

My Top 5 Hits

  1. Pick Me Up
  2. Power of Love
  3. Cling Cling
  4. Dream Fighter
  5. Chocolate Disco


Their discography is available digitally on iTunes and Amazon. Some of their albums and live DVD’s are avaliable from Wrasse Records, it is a small independent label so will have to be bought directly from them.


Website  –  Youtube  –  Twitter  –  Facebook


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