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Updated 12th August 2019.


Comprised of (from left to right) BE (Bass and Vocals), CHAD (Drums and Chorus), and MEANA (Guitar and Vocals). The band formed originally in 2008 by sisters BE and MEANA while they were in highschool, joined by CHAD in 2012. Originally signed to Noteless, the band are now completely independent with their own record label Angry Cat Records. At the time of writing, the band have released 6 albums and 2 mini-albums across their career. In Europe the band are signed to JPU Records and they have performed here a few times. The regularly tour here, so keep an eye out if you are interested in seeing them live!


Inspired by punk rock bands, the trio have really nailed the sound and have truly made it their own. If you know bands such as the Ramones, Sex Pistols, etc., you will know what to expect. Essentially it is loud! The instruments usually create a strong and fast rhythm, keeping with the traditional punk ethos of keeping it basic. The use of simpler riffs to give more focus on the vocals which the style of music is more about. Of course in true punk rock style, there is the odd guitar solo to act as a bridge which is a nice little device to spice it up here and there.

The vocals do stray from the original punk sound in being more tuneful. The shortfall of this is maintaining the balance between strong vocals and a tuneful sound without it getting rough around the edges. The way the trio counter this is using dual vocals throughout the song, with CHAD chipping in the chorus. On songs such as BARA BARA, the dual vocals are so strong it literally hammers the whole song into your head as it makes it such a powerful hook. But of course this isn’t something they always do, much like Yabai T-Shirts Yasan (ヤバイTシャツ屋さん), MEANA and BE can bounce between their vocals on tracks creating the high energy effect. They are definitely a band that need to be seen live, with their high energy performance it is not something to be missed.

My Top 5 Hits

  1. Abnormal
  2. 有料恋愛 (Paid Love Affair)
  3. Girl’s Fight
  4. Bara Bara
  5. 可愛いだけじゃいられない (I Cannot Just Cute)


Their discography is available on iTunes, and JPU Records have released their albums Abnormal and Nekokaburi physically and are available from them directly or at all good retailers. Other physical copies have to be imported.


Website  –  Youtube  –  Twitter  –  Facebook



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