Yabai T-Shirts Yasan (ヤバイTシャツ屋さん)


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Updated – 1st August 2019


Based in Osaka and forming in 2013, being on and off over the years. Comprising of three members (left to right); Morimorimoto (Drums), Takuya Koyama (Vocals and Guitar), and Aribobo Shibata(Vocals and Bass). The band started to rise to fame in 2015 when they either won or came at the top in a couple of competitions. Fast forward a year later and the band signed to major label Universal, and at the time of writing have released 3 albums, recently adding a new single hinting at album number 4. At this point the band are yet to tour overseas, but with their sound it is bound to happen (or so this writer is praying for).


Yabai T-Shirts Yasan’s sound can be captured by one word. Fun. They are probably just most fun band I have ever listened to. Similar to HYSTERIC PANIC, you don’t need to know Japanese to notice the sarcastic tones or that the songs are just a laugh (I mean one song is just about how great Wi-Fi is). This works with the happy Pop Punk style the band tends to go for. Instrumentally, the songs are never usually that complex past a catchy riff, but that’s a good thing. It really brings out the fun element, making this band a real good pick me up. In terms of Pop Punk, they tend to go for the hard and fast style. Basically fast drum patterns and fast guitar strumming. For me, it makes me really want to see them live. I can imagine it would be such an energetic performance, matching the Western Pop Punk scene. So if you want an energetic band who are just fun to listen to, this is the one for you!

What makes Yabai T-Shirts Yasan stand out is the use of dual vocals, in particular male and female vocals. Now unlike Hello Sleepwalkers, there is not one main vocalist. The vocals are pretty split between them which gives a really strong effect on their songs. For instance on Happy Wedding Mae Song, in the verses they butt in on each other lines as if arguing and it is done with such great timing it allows the song to keep the fast pace, and add a flair of originality. Not only that, the harmonies really stand out due to the difference in pitch and that’s why the hook always stay in your head! The band sometimes push their sound to be heavier, even using screaming vocals. Now it may be a bit of a worry for a fun band I have just described but it still works as they keep the fast pace. It doesn’t feel too different to make the songs sound like outliers but it allows them to mix it up, to avoid it all becoming a bit samey which is an easy pitfall with this sort of sound.

My Top 5

  1. あつまれ!パーティーピーポー (Atsumare! Party People)

  2. ハッピーウェディング前ソング (Happy Wedding Mae Song)


  4. KOKYAKU満足度1位 (Kokyaku Satisfaction First Place)
  5. Tank-Top In Your Heart


Their discography is available on iTunes and unfortunately physical copies have to be imported.





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