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Updated 9th August 2019.

Forming in 2013, comprising of Yūko Suzuhana (鈴華ゆう子) [Lead Vocals], Beni Ninagawa (蜷川べに) [Tsugaru Shamisen], Kiyoshi Ibukuro (いぶくろ聖志) [Koto], Daisuke Kaminaga (神永大輔) [Shakuhachi], Kurona (黒流) [Wadaiko], Machiya (町屋) [Guitar and Backing Vocals], Asa (亜沙) [Bass], and finally Wasabi (山葵) [Drums]. Currently signed to Avex Trax, and released 5 studio albums at the time of writing. Further to this, a couple of their songs have been used for anime such as Attack on Titan and Twin Star Exorcists.  They have played shows in France (at the Japan Expo) and America, so it is only going to be a matter of time before they make an appearance in the UK (this writer hopes)!


As you have probably already gathered, this band mixes traditional instruments with modern rock instruments. As more orchestral metal songs appear in the west, it doesn’t seem too bizarre but having traditional drums with modern drums can seem a bit over the top. However it works. All I can say is there is some solid songwriting and production going on with this band to create this great effect. Despite the large number of instruments it all comes together solidly and I applaud the people who recorded and mixed this. It would take me a year just to do one song!

It’s interesting to note they started by covering vocaloid songs in this style, branching out to write original songs yet it’s no surprise their songs are being used for anime. Not only are their songs very Japanese but the mixture of old and new gives a grand-scale which really builds up on hype and gets you pumped. Although at the same they can completely flip it and slow it all down, producing a more traditional sound with the modern instruments providing a more subtle support. Yūko Suzuhana’s vocals on top show such a range of being able to match both sounds, having a more enka style yet really working on the modern sound at the same time. The range brightens up the album having the more epic scale with a more modern focus, and slower with a more traditional focus, showing the range of sounds they can create. Again, I can’t emphasis the amount of talent of each member of this band has to pull off this unique sound with such mastery.

My Top 5 Hits

  1. Kishikaisei

  2. Senbonzakura

  3. Rokuchounen-To-Ichiyamonogatari

  4. Hoshizukiyo

  5. Strong Fate


Their whole discography is avaliable on iTunes, physical copies as usual have to be imported.


Website  –  Twitter  –  Facebook


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