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Updated – 1st August 2019


The band formed in 2012 originally comprised of just Junichi Satō (Synthesizer/Keyboard), Yuxuki Waga (Guitar), and Kevin Mitsunaga (Sampler). The trio started by using vocaloids for the vocals.  Later on in the year, Towana (Vocals) was guest on a couple of the songs at first but then became a permanent member in the end.  The group have become famous for doing anime opening and ending themes, including Eccentric Family, Tales of Zestiria the X, and Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon. At the time of writing they have released 15 singles, across 4 albums, 2 EPs, with most anisongs being released as separate singles, and a best of compilation album. Currently they are signed to Lantis Records, who also distribute anime and video game soundtracks as well as musicians. A perfect fit for fhána I would say! They have performed at anime conventions across the world, hopefully one will be in the UK sometime soon.


I was first exposed to fhána via the opening theme of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (Rhapsody of the Blue Sky). Now when I first listened I thought it was a big production with an orchestra and everything. Boy, did they trick my sound engineering ears! They don’t even have real drums, it is all down to their phenomenal production skills.  For me, that is what makes them so special. They really manage to blend the sound of samples, synthesizers, guitar and vocals in a unique way. They are far from the traditional electronic sound, which really changed my mind on the electronic genre, particularly as they get the guitar sound to work well within it.

This is also what they use to vary their sound, sometimes going for that more electronic sounds on tracks such as Divine Intervention, but then on Rhapsody of the Blue Sky, mentioned above, goes for a more organic sound. Usually this is a double edge sword as this leads to albums have no cohesion. However for fhána, this is not the case! They still manage to maintain the distinctive sound which is again a major feat! I think it comes down to Towana’s vocals as they have a strength to it, which is versatile and can fit to the range of different sounds around it. As mentioned, this band have gotten me interested in looking into sampling and synthesizers myself, so if you aren’t typically an electronic fan still give them a go!

Top 5 Hits

  1. Rhapsody of the Blue Sky
  2. Hello! My World!
  3. What A Wonderful World Line
  4. Outside of Melancholy
  5. Little Secret Magic


Their discography is available on iTunes, and if you want physical copies you will have to import them from Japan.


Website  –  Twitter  –  Facebook



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